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Individual Annual Subscription: $325.00

Prior to submitting your membership application, we encourage all potential members to attend a meeting as a guest. If you've enjoyed attending as a guest, sign up to become a member and enjoy all the benefits membership brings.

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Corporate Annual Subscription: $800.00

Are you looking for ways to show your female employees commitment to their personal and professional development? Are you aiming for a higher representation of female leadership in your company to correct the gender imbalance? Corporate membership allows your company to send up to four women each month.

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  • Membership applications are considered at the monthly committee meeting held on the Monday after each dinner meeting.
  • We have a restriction of 3 members per profession to ensure a good mix of members in the Auckland Executive Club.
  • For enquiries, contact either the Administrator or the President.

"I thoroughly enjoyed last Wed evening in all respects. I found both speakers interesting and particularly hearing Lucy and the wonderful work being done to help people with disabilities like her son. Thank you once again for a very enjoyable evening."

Pat Kennedy

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