About Member Spotlight

As a Club member you have the opportunity to showcase your business to other club members and guests at a dinner meeting. Besides your 10 minute presentation on the evening, your business is also advertised in the club newsletter, website, club social media pages, and you may exhibit your promotional material on the dining tables on the evening of your presentation.

The Member Spotlight is an excellent opportunity to promote your business!

The cost is $50.00 for newsletter costs plus providing a $50.00 raffle prize, a total of $100.00 for members. This also entitles you to:

  • advertise in the newsletter
  • advertise on our website
  • place information about your business at every place setting
  • plus give a 10 minute presentation about your business

But be quick - book your Spotlight now!

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Member Spotlight

Sarah Davies, Beyond The Hourly Rate

Sarah is a strategist and coach for people who sell their time. She helps her clients turn their knowledge and expertise into a profitable business - using a phased approach that eliminates overwhelm.

The people she works with have incredible talents and skills in their area of expertise but stabilising their foundations, taking their knowledge and packaging it, becoming confident at sales and effectively marketing their business is unchartered territory for them.

Her journey into entrepreneurship kicked off at the tender age of 8, selling quail eggs to local deli’s and restaurants—an experience she now views as integral to shaping the person she is today. Despite academic challenges stemming from dyslexia, Sarah's journey has been fuelled by boundless passion, creativity, and optimism.

She firmly believes that crafting a business you love is just as vital as making it profitable. Her philosophy is centred around teaching her clients how to use their values as an anchor in their business and become the CEO they see in their future.  

Sarah’s diverse career history includes working in the Media agency world as an employee as well as starting up and successfully selling two of her own service businesses. This has given her a deep understanding of exactly how to create a successful service business.  Nowadays, Sarah spends most of her time teaching others how to create a successful business in her online program ‘Beyond the Hourly Rate’, which attracts local and international clients.


"The Spotlight was a great way of promoting our major event this year and giving the attendees a better understanding of the issues and service we provide. People are totally unaware of the prevalence of sexual abuse. I was able to gain a lot of support and volunteers for our event Colour Me Purple form the night. We also had leads for engagement in our major campaign called #act2HELP with a retirement village willing to support us. I can't recommend the Hot Spot enough. Everyone's approachable. My only mistake was not to get the Akl Exec It person to help prior with my presentation. There is always someone to help at the club if you need it! "

- Ruth Davy, Fundraiser, HELP

"I came along to the networking evening without any expectations but in the hope I would meet some inspirational women. I certainly achieved that.

I learnt things I didn’t know, pondered over opinions, and was awed by Gaye’s achievements. Additionally I was entertained and educated by the speakers."

- Sharon Dawson, DirectSafety