Monthly Hot Spot

Ruth Davy and Help Auckland’s #act2HELP programme

Ruth is an experienced not for profit consultant who works to increase the capacity of charitable trusts for disadvantaged communities. Ruth is an ex nurse who went into public health gaining her Masters of Public health working to reduce the inequalities for Maori, Pacific and Asian women. Ruth has presented nationally and internationally at conferences on this topic.

Last year Ruth began working with Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation as the Fundraising and Communications manager. Although this organisation has been in operation 39 years, it has flown under the radar that is until the #MeToo campaign. Ruth has established a new awareness campaign called #act2Help which will be launched on April 1st with a ‘Colour Me Purple’ event in Mt Eden. Ruth will enlighten us about Help Auckland’s work some startling statistics and the new campaign.

Ruth Davy and Help Auckland’s #act2HELP programme
Ruth Davy

"I came along to the networking evening without any expectations but in the hope I would meet some inspirational women. I certainly achieved that. 

I learnt things I didn’t know, pondered over opinions, and was awed by Gaye’s achievements. Additionally I was entertained and educated by the speakers. What a pity I had to run off to another engagement because I would have enjoyed staying to chat a little longer. Then again, there’s always next time. See you then!"

Sharon Dawson, DirectSafety

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