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Lucy Addison, Chairperson, Quality of Life Trust

We are a Charitable Trust, a group of families all with a son or daughter who is both deaf and blind, a result of Rubella during pregnancy. 

We run a home, Harbour Lodge, for five adults, with the aim of giving the residents the opportunity to live as independently as they are able, but with as much support as they need.  They are very dependent on caregivers to be their eyes and ears, speaking on their behalf and assisting them to interact in the community.

This home is the only one in New Zealand providing residential services to people who are both deaf and blind from birth.  The home has been operational since the beginning of 1995 and as our name says, we are firmly focussed on providing our family members an excellent quality of life.

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Lucy Addison Chairperson Quality of Life Trust
Lucy Addison

"I came along to the networking evening without any expectations but in the hope I would meet some inspirational women. I certainly achieved that. 

I learnt things I didn’t know, pondered over opinions, and was awed by Gaye’s achievements. Additionally I was entertained and educated by the speakers. What a pity I had to run off to another engagement because I would have enjoyed staying to chat a little longer. Then again, there’s always next time. See you then!"

Sharon Dawson, DirectSafety

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