Member Spotlight

Club members have the opportunity to showcase your business to other club members and guests at a dinner meeting. Besides your 10 minute presentation on the evening, your business is also advertised in the club newsletter, website, club social media pages, and you may exhibit your promotional material on the dining tables on the evening of your presentation.

The Member Spotlight is an excellent opportunity to promote your business!

The cost is $50.00 for newsletter costs plus providing a $30.00 raffle prize, a total of $80.00 for members. This also entitles you to:

  • advertise in the newsletter
  • advertise on our website
  • place information about your business at every place setting
  • plus give a 10 minute presentation about your business

But be quick - book your Spotlight now! Contact contact Terri –

Member Spotlight for July

Daria Williamson

Daria is a coach, facilitator, and trainer, with two decades of leadership and management experience across a range of industries. Her key areas of practice include strengths-based leadership and organisational development, capability building, and continuous improvement.
She helps individuals and organisations that are stuck in rut to get “unstuck” by harnessing their strengths and unleashing their potential.

Daria believes in taking a “fully human” approach to her work, engaging hearts and minds in the transformation effort. She holds a Master of Management in Human Resources Management (with Distinction) from Massey University, and is an accredited Strengths Profile coach.

Pamela Elliott's Tips for your Spotlight

  • Decide on your message, focusing on the needs of your audience. 
  • Prepare a script.
  • Reduce the script to bullet points.
  • Practise, so as little as possible you’ll need to read from the script; by practicing, you’ll be able to gauge the time you use. Don’t go overtime.
  • Rehearse any technical aids (video, slides, music) with an assistant.
  • Engage your audience through questions, a quiz, a competition, focused visuals.
  • Finish on an upbeat note, maybe create curiosity about wanting to know more.
  • Enjoy… remember you know 100% more than almost anyone in the room about your industry, business, life choices. 

If you are keen to promote your business via a Spotlight but are worried about presenting to the group, Arlene Nicholson, a member of our committee and Learning & Development Consultant, will be happy to help you do it. 

Arlene trains and coaches people on presenting to others and will give you a free hour of her time to get some tips on how to do it. If you'd like to give it a go and would like her help, email:

Arlene Nicholson   |   Learning & Development Consultant   |

"I’ve been a member of the Auckland Executive Club for several years and came to realise that if I was to more than verbally connect with members, I needed to ‘step up’ and do a Spotlight. This was, at first, alarming and needed allocated time, but valuable professionally and personally. 

Since then I’ve done three… each one better than the last on my terms, as well as from feedback from fellow members and guests."

- Pamela Elliot, Intimo

"The Spotlight was a great way of promoting our major event this year and giving the attendees a better understanding of the issues and service we provide. People are totally unaware of the prevalence of sexual abuse. I was able to gain a lot of support and volunteers for our event Colour Me Purple form the night. We also had leads for engagement in our major campaign called #act2HELP with a retirement village willing to support us. I can't recommend the Hot Spot enough. Everyone's approachable. My only mistake was not to get the Akl Exec It person to help prior with my presentation. There is always someone to help at the club if you need it! "

- Ruth Davy, Fundraiser, HELP

"I came along to the networking evening without any expectations but in the hope I would meet some inspirational women. I certainly achieved that.

I learnt things I didn’t know, pondered over opinions, and was awed by Gaye’s achievements. Additionally I was entertained and educated by the speakers."

- Sharon Dawson, DirectSafety