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Current Executive :

Vanessa Ivory - President

Vanessa Ivory - President

I offer small group or 1:1 coaching programmes that will teach you how to feel really well. Sessions are a blend of coaching, advice and education. 

You'll learn how to sleep better, manage stress and anxiety, choose the right diet for you, and how to manage the changes as you enter perimenopause and beyond. 

Coaching you, WELL.

Functional Nutritionist | Wellness Coach | Expert in Behaviour Change
021 488 974

Daria Williamson - Vice President

Daria Williamson - Vice President

Helps individuals and teams to get unstuck and become unstoppable. Science-backed tools and strategies to help you discover your strengths, seize your opportunities and unleash your potential.

I understand the struggle and juggle that comes with leadership and management roles – I’ve experienced it for myself.

I was constantly striving to be a better leader, but I got stuck focusing on my weaknesses. And I burned myself out, every single time.

Then I learned to work smarter by focusing on my strengths. Instead of trying to have all the great ideas, I used my listening strength to draw out the ideas of those around me, and unlocked greater energy, engagement and achievement for myself and others.

Because I’ve seen for myself the difference that this shift can make,  I now want to share it with you.

Strengths Deck Creator and Master Facilitator

021 994 662

Divya Pahwa - Treasurer

Divya Pahwa - Treasurer

Senior Manager from BDO, Business Advisory Services

I have more than 12 years of experience working in accounting and as a tax specialist. I am extremely passionate about mentoring and coaching small businesses and being part of their strategic, business & tax planning including governance and business structuring.

As a business advisor I provide business consultancy services to a wide range of small and medium sized businesses throughout New Zealand. This advice includes financial management, strategic planning, business and tax planning, management reporting and structuring business. I work with a highly engaged team providing accounting compliance and taxation services to business operating in a wide range of sectors including construction, importing/exporting, professional services, tourism, manufacturing, processing, media and retailing.

I work collaboratively to provide clients with practical business solutions to allow them to be successful in their respective businesses which include identifying short-term solutions and developing long-term strategies.

Liz Moore - Administration

Liz Moore - Admin

Liz is a self employed accounts administrator and has been for the last 30 years.

Her clients are varied as is the tasks she undertakes for them. She enjoys the interaction with all her employers and having to adapt to different circumstances depending on the nature of the business.

They include a Clothing Manufacturer and Retailer, a Medical Centre, Media Placement Agency and Publisher of an Art Magazine.

Having a variety of clients is what always makes her role interesting and enjoyable.

Liz is most certainly an animal lover currently sharing her abode with a 12 year old cat and very overactive 6 year old English Springer Spaniel called Chester who demands several walks a day.

She enjoys her role as administrator for The Auckland Executive Club where her variety of skills are used.


Feedback from Dinner Meeting with Murray Thom:

"Thank you for hosting us all on Tuesday, it really was a great evening. Hats off to the Committee, I’ve been to a few evenings now, and every time the speakers are fantastic... You are all doing great work with the people you wrangle in for us. See you all next month!"
Yvette Jay, yvette jay interior design

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Feedback from Dinner Meeting with Cat Caluccio:

"I must say that was the BEST AEC dinner.  ... Cat delivered a very interesting presentation. Looking forward to next month’s dinner already."
Jane Macaulay, Life Member

Committee :

Terri Gasparich

Terri Gasparich

Terri helps business owners who are looking to build a brand that takes their business to the next level. To help them achieve this, she offers a comprehensive suite of graphic design services as well as proven expertise in web design and build.

Terri works with a wide range of clients – from professional services companies to product manufacturers. Equips them with the marketing assets they need to market their business offline and online from print to web to EDMs and e-books. Over the years she has assembled a team of partners with expertise in everything from copywriting to print to social media.

Her depth of experience spans agencies, art studios, magazine publishing and clients across many industries. From that has come a wealth of knowledge across both design and marketing, which she brings to every client she works with, being honest with them about what they need and fully guiding them through the process of developing their marketing collateral.

TG Design - Helping businesses market themselves for more business. | 021 212 1306

Eileen Bisley

Eileen Bisley

Eileen is the Managing Director of Clinical Trials New Zealand Ltd. She has over 25 years of experience across the phases of drug development from a clinical trials perspective, clinical trials co-ordination plus Ethics review experience. Eileen has worked in both the public and private health sectors. Her experience also includes expertise in managing industry sponsored trials.

In 2017, Eileen was the convener and member of the executive committee of the NZ Association of Clinical Research (NZACRes). 2017-2019 ongoing Member Executive Committee for NZACRes.

Jo Dalgety

Jo Dalgety

Jo has a boutique web design company that has been in business since 1998 and has remained true to its objective - meeting the internet needs of small-to-medium businesses, without losing the personal touch.

  • Really friendly! Clients become friends.
  • I respond quickly. You’ll get a reply within 24 hours.
  • In a hurry? Working fast is the default setting but rush options are available. Just ask!

Jo is also an artist and, if not at her desk, can be found in her studio. | 021 4387 932

Vicki Beaumont

Vicki Beaumont

Vicki utilised her creative eye when she began selling giftware for a number of Australian wholesale agencies in 2003.  This experience helped Vicki and her husband begin Beau Accessories in 2005.  The business originally focused on jewellery and accessories. Recently it has expanded successfully into wholesale fashion clothing; selling to boutique retailers throughout New Zealand. 

What makes Beau stand out is their extensive product range, and consistent attention to personal service. Vicki understands that in retail business it is just as important to strengthen the success of her clients as well as her own; by building positive customer relationships and working together to find the right products for their shops.

Previous to starting her business, Vicki and her husband worked for a Christian Service organisation for twenty-four years. Seven of those years were spent in Africa.

Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies

Sarah is a strategist and coach for people who sell their time. She helps her clients turn their knowledge and expertise into a profitable business

Her clients possess remarkable skills but often struggle with foundational stability, packaging their knowledge, sales confidence, and effective marketing to attract the clients they want to work with.

Sarah's entrepreneurial journey began at 8, selling quail eggs, shaping her resilient and creative spirit despite dyslexia challenges. She emphasizes the importance of crafting a fulfilling business aligned with personal values while prioritizing profitability.

Drawing from her diverse career, including successful ventures and media agency experience, Sarah offers invaluable insights into creating a flourishing service business. Through her online program, 'Beyond the Hourly Rate,' she helps clients globally achieve business success.