An important part of our Club philosophy is the support of charity, particularly those that may not receive a lot of support from Government funding or have a high fundraising profile. We do this in a variety of ways - sales of the Entertainment Book and raffles to raise funds.

For such a small Club, we have a very successful fundraising programme, thanks to the generosity of our Members! Last year we raised over $10,000 for distribution to our charity, an impressive result for a Club of our size.

The charity we support is the:

Quality of Life Trust

Thank you so much for the very generous donation from the Auckland Executive Club.
The sensory stimulation room is a project we have wanted to do for many years and your donation is allowing this dream to be turned into a reality. We so appreciate the opportunity to create a special place where our deafblind residents can experience wonderful sensations, and where the senses that do operate for them can be stimulated.

Please accept our grateful thanks for what your generosity is allowing to be created in our home.

Who are we?

We are a Charitable Trust, a group of families all with a son or daughter who has the dual disability of congenital deafblindness, a result of Rubella during pregnancy. This disability also has an impact on intellectual development because of the severely limited flow of information to the brain.

Why we exist.

We run a home for five adults in Mangere Bridge and our aim is to give the residents the opportunity to live as independently as they are able, but with as much support as they need. They are very dependent on caregivers to assist where necessary, encourage constantly and safeguard their safety. The caregivers are the eyes and ears of clients, speaking on their behalf and assisting them to interact in society.

This home is the only one in New Zealand providing residential care to people who are both deaf and blind from birth. It allows them to live with dignity in the community, as independently as they are able, to be fulfilled and challenged to have as “normal” a life as possible. It provides security and stability for the residents and peace of mind for families.

The home has been operational since the beginning of 1995 and as our name says, we are firmly focused on providing our family members an excellent quality of life.

Past Project

Funding for our general running is through the Ministry of Health but for “extras” we need to fund raise. A past project was upgrading the grounds of the property. We have cleared garden beds and are planting new gardens. We broke it into phases and completed the first phase of planting at the front of the house and were delighted with the improvement. The second phase was the rear of the section and the side.

We are very appreciative of the support of the Auckland Executive Club to help us with this project. The Christmas hamper and gifts given at the December meeting were received with great excitement at the house – thank you so very much!

Current Project - Sensory Stimulation

The development of Multi Sensory Stimulation Rooms began in the Netherlands back in the seventies. The great benefits sensory rooms offer people regardless of age or ability are widely recognised.

Sensory equipment is widely used in therapies for sensory integration and stimulation, to help those with sensory dysfunction or sensory deficiency to learn to use information from all of their senses and develop them for learning and improvement.

Interactive Multi-sensory rooms assist in the development of life skills including switching, gross and fine motor skills, cause and effect, colour, number and shape recognition, tracking, hand to eye coordination and much more. Dark rooms are used to enhance and exaggerate the difference between dark and fluorescent products.

For relaxation, calming and de-escalation this is the perfect solution.


  • A Bubble Tube and soft padded plinth, a user can sit close to the tube and watch as the bubbles steadily rise while their colour slowly changes.
  • The mirror ball produces spots of light that rotate around the room.
  • The projector shows calming images that slowly rotate, creating a wonderful soothing environment.
  • A Fibre Optics Carpet with slowly changing spots of light is a terrific place to lie down and relax while watching the projector images and listening to calming music.
  • Fibre optic strands can be handled while they slowly change colour.
  • Aromatherapy to de-stress calm and bring tranquility and harmony.
  • Ultra Violet Products for an exciting visual effect.
  • Calming Bubble Wall slowly changes colour whilst bubbles rise from its base to create a mesmerising calming effect.
  • A light pod that responds to sound to encourage vocalising.


Support Quality of Life Trust!

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Lucy Addison

Thank you so much for the recent donation of $660.00 from the Auckland Executive Club.

We really appreciate the on-going support of the Club in our work of providing and running a home for five multiply-disabled people in Auckland.

Please convey our grateful thanks to the Committee and the membership and let them know their support and donation is greatly appreciated.

Lucy Addison
Quality of Life Trust