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Hi I'm Sarah, 

I work with service businesses who are struggling to attract their ideal clients and I'm a self confessed serial entrepreneur! I started my first business aged 8 selling quails eggs to delicatessens and I haven't stopped since!

With 20+ years experience, my expertise is in Marketing and P.R. and I've worked in agencies overseas and in New Zealand. Over this time I've also built up several businesses and sold them at their peak when my personal circumstances changed.  

If you're like the clients I work with, you're a passionate business owner, juggling 100 balls and brilliant in your zone of genius!  But, you loathe marketing and sales! 

My coaching program The Sweet Spot Marketing Method, simplifies business development ensuring that the time you spend on marketing is attracting the clients you want! 

If your marketing leaves you feeling stuck, email me for a virtual coffee - I'd love to connect!